Under-Settled PI Claims Solicitors in Wigan

Are you unhappy with the way your personal injury claim is being handled?

Have you recently settled a claim for less than you think you deserve?

If so, Alker Ball Healds Solicitors in Wigan can help. We will provide you with an expert second opinion. There is no obligation; you have nothing to lose.

More and more personal injury and work injury claims are handled by unqualified staff at claims management companies or solicitors. Increasingly, our Wigan solicitors see under-settled personal injury claims resulting from an incorrect assessment of damages. 

Under-Settled Accident Claims Lawyers: Bolton And Wigan

Some Claims companies and solicitors run high volumes of cases. Their emphasis is on a quick turnover so that they can recover their costs quickly — but you are still entitled to an appropriate level of compensation.

Often it will take time for your injuries to stabilise. It is essential that a suitably qualified professional reviews your medical reports and interprets them correctly.

Some organisations will simply feed your details into a computer as a way of establishing what your personal injury claim is worth. At Alker Ball Healds, we know that each accident is unique and affects individuals in different ways. Even a seemingly trivial accident can result in serious long-term injuries that may not become obvious for some time after the event. 

If you have come under pressure to accept an early offer of compensation, you may later discover that it does not accurately reflect the injuries you have sustained. If this is the case, we can pursue a claim for negligence against your solicitor.

A Supportive Service

You may also be dissatisfied with the way your claim is being handled, either because of unexplained delays or a lack of clear information about progress. At Alker Ball Healds, we provide a highly personal and supportive service, ensuring that you are kept informed at all stages of the legal process.

Our personal injury team is headed by solicitors Trafina Sharples and Kathryn Winstanley. If you think your solicitor has not done the right work for you, we can quickly arrange to transfer your case. 

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To discuss the transferral of you case or to talk through a settlement you are not happy with, call 01942 246241. If you are unable to come and see us, we can arrange a home or hospital visit.