Road Traffic Accident Solicitors in Wigan

Unfortunately road traffic accidents happen every day. For many years, our Wigan road traffic accident lawyers have been helping clients put their lives back on track following road traffic accidents.

Choosing your solicitor

You are entitled to choose your own lawyer. You do not have to instruct an out of town lawyer recommended by your own or the other driver's insurance company.

What We Do

If one of our local qualified Wigan lawyers act for you, we will deal with the following:


Our priority will be to establish who was liable or responsible for the accident. If the other driver was responsible you are entitled to 100% of the full value of your claim. If you were at fault, you are not entitled to any compensation. If both you and the other driver were partially responsible, you will receive a proportion of the full value of your claim.

Heads of claim

In most road traffic accident cases we can recover:

  • Compensation for your injuries
  • The cost of repairs to your vehicle or reimbursement of your insurance policy excess
  • Cost of hiring an alternative vehicle or compensation for the loss of use of your own vehicle
  • Your loss of earnings
  • Medical or rehabilitation treatment costs
  • The value of any damaged property
  • Reimbursement of your out of pocket expenses

The Procedure

If your claim is likely to be worth less than £25,000 we will submit details of your claim electronically to the other driver's insurance company who should let us have their views on liability within 15 working days. If liability is admitted we will obtain a medical report relating to your injuries and will work out details of your other losses. We would then expect to negotiate a settlement of your claim with the other driver's insurers. It is unlikely that your claim would have to go to court.


We work on a no win no fee basis and so if you do not succeed you will not have any legal costs to pay

Injury claims against Uninsured and Untraced Motorists

Even if your road traffic accident was caused by a driver who was not insured or who cannot be traced, our specialist lawyers can still help. You will still have a claim which would be met by the Motor Insurers Bureau. We can deal with this for you.

Contact us

To arrange an initial consultation, you can phone our specialist team of road traffic accident solicitors on 01942 246241.