Employment Law Solicitors for Employers in Wigan

Employment law is complex and the situations our employer clients find themselves in are often worrying. We aim to simplify matters by explaining the legal implications of your position so that you can make informed decisions about the best course of action for you and your business.

Practical Solutions For Employers 

Our emphasis is on practical solutions for employers who have problems managing employees, who require contracts of employment or who have Tribunal claims brought against them. We expertly represent you and guide you through the processes you should follow.

An Experienced Team

Solicitor Katie Liston oversees the employment practice at Alker Ball Healds and takes charge of every employment case we handle. We guarantee that your file will not be passed to anyone unfamiliar with your position so you will not find yourself having to explain key information to different people at different stages.

Compromise Agreements Lawyers: Preston, Wigan

At Alker Ball Healds, we represent employer clients in a variety of employment matters. The work we do includes the following:

· Preparation of Compromise agreements 

· Defending discrimination claims brought on the grounds of:

o Race

o Sex

o Disability

o Age

o Sexual orientation

o Religion or belief

o Pregnancy and maternity

o Transgender

· Defending unfair dismissal claims

· Advising on Redundancy

· Defending holiday pay claims

· Disputes over contracts

· Preparation of contracts of employment and company handbooks

· Employers bespoke employment law support services

· Seminars and training

Getting Started: How We Handle Your Claim

When you visit our offices or phone us, a member of the team will have a short discussion with you about your case. If we think we can help, we will discuss matters in more detail.

Contact Us

To contact our employment law team, call 01942 246241. We are reliable, consistent and can provide you with immediate reassurance.