Wills & Probate Solicitors

The need for a wills and probate solicitor will often arise at one of life's most difficult times. Headed by DirectorSean Devlin and supported by Solicitor Rowena Foat the solicitors at Alker Ball Healds are skilled listeners. They take the time to get to know the fears and concerns of each client and address their specific needs.

Probate Lawyers Offering Added Value

You may be approached by will-writing firms or other bodies offering wills and probate services. You might also consider asking your bank to prepare the necessary documentation for you. While these organisations might appear to offer an attractively priced product, the wills solicitors Alker Ball Healds provide added value:

  • Our fees are extremely competitive. Please enquire for details.
  • Ours is not a one-off service. We aim to establish an ongoing relationship with you. If your circumstances change, we want you to feel comfortable about returning to us for further advice.
  • Clients benefit from the knowledge that we are fully insured should the unexpected happen.
  • We guarantee a significantly lower fee than that charged by banks and building societies.
  • We offer advice on inheritance tax and estate tax planning.
  • Advising and drafting of lasting powers of attorney.
  • Comprehensive reviews of care home contracts and advice on funding for care are available.
  • We provide supportive representation for relatives of dementia and Alzheimer patients.

Family Disputes Over Wills

As family relationships become ever more complex, it is inevitable that disputes over wills will sometimes occur. If you wish to discuss a potential claim with us, we are happy to provide an initial telephone consultation to clarify matters for you. The types of dispute we advise on include:

  • Claims by beneficiaries who believe the will does not adequately provide for them or does not accurately reflect the wishes of the deceased.
  • Claims on behalf of relatives who believe an estate is not being managed appropriately and we defend estates against similar claims.

Contact Us

At Alker Ball Healds, our wills and probate lawyers offer a caring and professional service. For further information, call 01942 246241.