Family Law Solicitors

When family problems arise, emotions run high. The family law solicitors at Alker Ball Healds understand this. We know that our clients need an experienced lawyer who will guide them to a solution sensitively, empathetically and with the minimum of fuss.

Perhaps more than in any other area of legal work, family law clients need a legal advisor they can trust and rely on. Andrew Leah, our family law solicitor, knows that every family case requires the careful balancing of competing interests, whilst still acknowledging the sensitive nature of the issues involved.. The combination of his skills and over 30 years of legal experience mean that he provides an unrivalled source of legal representation.

Divorce Solicitors

Our family law service includes advising on the following:

Our Approach

Above all, we believe in putting clients at ease so that constructive progress can be made quickly. This is how we approach family cases:

  • You may be experiencing tension and uncertainty, but we can help reduce the stress of the situation by working towards agreement with your partner's or spouse's lawyer.
  • If mediation is appropriate, we will refer you to a suitable practitioner. 
  • We find out what you hope to achieve and measure it against what a court is likely to award. In this way, we give you a realistic expectation early on.
  • Where finance is an issue, we will undertake extensive investigations so that we can negotiate a robust settlement on your behalf.
  • If we are faced with someone who is acting unreasonably, we will defend your position — taking matters to a full court hearing if it is in your interest. We know the strengths of particular local barristers, ensuring that if advice from a barrister is necessary, it will be the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Contact Us

Our family law Head, Andrew Leah, can be contacted by phone on 01942 246241. At your first appointment with us, we will explain any areas of concern. Our charges are competitive and we will be able to provide an indication of the likely cost of your case at our initial meeting.