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For an employer, having to dismiss an employee can be a worrying experience.
The employment team at Alker Ball Healds will advise you as to the terms you should include in any Settlement Agreement you might wish to offer to your employee so as to protect your own interests.
Before you submit a Settlement Agreement to your employee, you should seek advice from an experienced employment lawyer. At Alker Ball Healds we will talk you through the agreement and will ensure that the settlement terms you wish to offer to your employee also protect your interests as an employer.

What is a Settlement Agreement?

  • It is a written agreement usually entered into when an employment relationship is coming to an end.
  • It is a legally binding agreement and sets out the terms on which the relationship will end, such as provision for an employee reference or a confidentiality clause.
  • It will usually contain a clause excluding the employee's right to bring a claim against the employer in a Court or Employment Tribunal.

At Alker Ball Healds we will advise you as to the terms which should be included to protect your interests

When is a Settlement Agreement needed?

  • When an employer intends to make an employee redundant
  • When an employer intends to dismiss an employee
  • When employment is ended by mutual agreement
  • To settle an Employment Tribunal claim


At Alker Ball Healds our employment team regularly advise employers on settlement agreements. We will usually act on a fixed fee basis.

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