Bicycle Accident Solicitors in Wigan

Thanks largely to the fantastic performance of the G B Cycling team at the 2012 Olympics, cycling is becoming more and more popular. The down side is that with more cyclists on the road, cycling accidents are also becoming more frequent. On the UK roads there are currently over 19,000 accidents involving cyclists each year.

If our local Olympic champion Sir Bradley Wiggins can have an accident through no fault of his own, it could happen to anyone. There are many safety measures cyclists can take, but accidents will still happen.

Alker Ball Healds solicitors represent cyclists who have been injured on the road through no fault of their own. The personal injury department at Alker Ball Healds has dealt with a variety of injury claims. 

Common Cyclist Accidents

  • Cyclists hit by cars 
  • Cyclists forced to the pavement 
  • Cyclists colliding with buses 
  • Faulty cycling products 
  • Dangerous road networks 
  • Potholes in cycle lanes and roads
  • Cyclists hit by other cyclists

Settling For What You Deserve

At Alker Ball Healds Solicitors we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis and so if you do not succeed you will not have any legal costs to pay. We are able to provide a quick estimate of the compensation you could recover. We will never settle your claim for less than you deserve.

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If you have had an accident on your bicycle that was not your fault we provide an initial free consultation, you can phone our specialist team of Wigan cycling accident solicitors on 01942 246241.