Slipping and Tripping Claims Solicitors in Wigan

Local Highway Authorities are under a legal duty to inspect and maintain adopted roads and footpaths in their area.

If you have slipped, tripped or fallen due to the defective condition of an adopted road or footpath, the personal injury lawyers at Alker Ball Healds solicitors will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The legal position

To succeed in a slipping or tripping claim you will need to show that:

  • The defect which caused you to slip, trip or fall was dangerous (usually involving a hole or difference in levels of more than one inch)
  • The Highway Authority knew or ought reasonably to have known of the defect and have done nothing about it.

If the Highway Authority can show that it operates a reasonable system of inspection and repair and that the defect was not there when it last inspected, that will usually give the Authority a defence to any claim.

If the accident happened on a road or footpath which isn't adopted by the Highway Authority, you could still have a claim for compensation against the owners of the road or footpath. Those owners are also under a legal duty to take reasonable steps to keep such roads and footpaths in a safe condition and if they haven't done so, you could still have a claim.

Common types of accident

Accidents in public places can happen in many ways. Accidents which the lawyers at Alker Ball Healds solicitors have dealt with include:

  • Falling due to potholes in roads or footpaths
  • Tripping over uneven paving stones
  • Falling due to missing grid covers
  • Tripping over uneven surfaces caused by tree roots
  • Falling due to construction works


If you've been injured in a slip, trip or fall in a public place you will need to obtain evidence to help prove your case. You should:

  • Take photographs of the defect which caused you to fall and the surrounding area
  • Try to obtain the name and address of anyone who saw you fall and anyone who can confirm that the defect has existed for a long time

Legal costs

At Alker Ball Healds solicitors we work on a "no win no fee" basis and so if you do not succeed you will not have any legal costs to pay. We are able to provide a quick estimate of the compensation you could recover. We will never settle your claim for less than you deserve.

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