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Wife to divorce Ryan Giggs

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The wife of the former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs has been reported to be divorcing her husband after accusations that he has been flirting with female staff at the restaurant he owns in the Greater Manchester area. The footballer has been involved in a number of highly publicised affairs in the past and is faced with losing a significant part of his fortune in a divorce settlement. Even though the couple have been separated for several months, they are still currently both living in their property in Worsley.

Giggs was given the role of assistant manager of Manchester United in May 2014 and was acting as the interim manager for the club before that. His salary at the club is in the region of £3 million per year and in addition to the family home, which is valued at £6 million, and the George's restaurant that he owns, he is also a director in over a dozen companies bringing his net worth to an estimated £40 million. The divorce settlement could be one of largest payouts for a sportsman ever in British history.

He has previously been in the news for his affair with his brother's wife, a relationship that lasted for eight years, while at the same time also seeing another woman. He had attempted to minimise the publicity around his extra-marital relationships by obtaining an njunction in 2011 to stop the media from using his name when reporting about the affairs. Twitter users, however, spread his name within hours of it being granted and eventually his name was even mentioned in Parliament.

A divorcing spouse may wish to seek the advice of a family law solicitor when faced with a dispute over asset division. A court may give consideration to the length of the marriage, child maintenance and the lifestyle that a couple has enjoyed prior to the split when making its decision.