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Eddie the Eagle loses in divorce settlement

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Michael Edwards, better known as Eddie the Eagle, is divorcing his wife after 13 years together. Moviegoers in the Greater Manchester area who saw the film based on his story might assume that his fame has allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle. But the 52-year-old former Olympian revealed that he has been reduced to living in a shed and eating sandwiches after the divorce settlement saw him lose almost all of his wealth.

He became famous in 1988 when he was took part in the Winter Olympics that were held in Canada. His lacklustre performance in ski jumping saw him come last in the competition, but it was his persistence and resolve that won him praise. The movie features Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman and tells the story of his battle. He signed the rights to his story 17 years ago, and when the film was released in March, he received £180,000.

But the former ski-jumper says that he had to give the money to his ex-wife as part of a divorce settlement that saw him lose in the region of 85 per cent of his net worth. Among the reasons for this split of his wealth are the couples' two children. He said that he had to sell his flat in order to pay the tax on the monies he received for the film and is now living in a shed while he renovates his current house.

A family law solicitor may be able to provide advice on the points that determine how the asset division in a divorce settlement will be finalised. While the length of the marriage and the lifestyle of the couple play a part, if the couple have children, then the court will seek to ensure that their needs are taken care of as a matter of priority.