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Equal split of assets in darts legend divorce

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The darts legend Phil Taylor has built a successful career on the back of his 16 world championship wins. But after his marriage ended two years ago, Manchester residents may be surprised to hear that the financial situation of his family reportedly left his daughters reduced to living on benefits. The family court judge hearing the case said that he should have done more for his family and ordered him to increase his divorce settlement offer.

He is estimated to earn more than £1 million each year and has assets worth over £3 million. The judge said that the offer of £830,000 that he has made was not enough and ordered him to hand over the family home in Cheshire worth £600,000 as well as other properties. He said that his wife had not pursued a career of her own as she had been taking care of the couple's four children and should now be given a settlement that would last for the rest of her life.

The couple had been married for 26 years, and while the judge agreed that the darts champion had a limited number of years remaining in his career, he ruled that the calculation of the divorce settlement should begin with an even division of the marital assets. He stated that he intended to avoid a situation where one person lived an opulent lifestyle while the other was left in need.

The increasing frequency of divorce settlements that aim to make a clean break between separating couples has led to a reduction in orders that include spousal maintenance. A solicitor who is well versed in the changing trends of family court may be able to offer relevant and constructive legal advice for a client who is embroiled in an asset division dispute.