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Former beauty queen appeals her divorce settlement

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The most recent ex-wife of a millionaire lawyer has appealed her £3.3 million divorce settlement claiming that her former partner could be paying her twice as much as she is currently receiving. The 43-year-old former World Miss University was the fifth wife of the lawyer, and Greater Manchester area residents may recall the details of the luxury lifestyle the couple enjoyed together while they were married from their divorce battle that took place in 2015.

They had lived a life of extravagance at their Central Park property in New York City until their separation in 2011, when she was relocated to London by her former husband, along with the couple's two children. Her claims for financial support at the time included more than £130,000 per year for clothing, holidays and beauty regimes and she was awarded over £3 million in assets, annual maintenance of £370,000 and is receiving £100,000 annually to build a savings pot.

But the Russian beauty queen, who is unable to work after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, has appealed the settlement, saying that her former husband needs to pay her more. She said that his earnings potential is reduced due to his age and his health problems, and that for her to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in the future he should be ordered to accelerate his annual payments to her, claiming that paying her double was within his means. The hearing will be continued at a future date.

When asked to adjudicate on the division of marital assets, family court may take into consideration the length a marriage and the lifestyle that both parties enjoyed together as a couple. A separation that involves the division of significant family assets may become complex, and a solicitor who is familiar with such situations may be ideally suited to provide effective legal advice.