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Wealthy businessman divorces his wife

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The multimillionaire James Caan has separated from his wife of 32 years and may be facing a divorce settlement of £25 million. Greater Manchester viewers of "Dragons' Den" may recall he was a judge on the show for a number of years. The 55-year-old businessman was born in Pakistan but grew up in the U.K. where he made his fortune, estimated to be worth £100 million, with the help of his wife. 

Born Nazim Khan, he saw the movie "The Godfather" and realised that the actor James Caan had a surname that sounded similar to his. For fun he began using the name James Caan with clients and on his business cards before officially changing his name by deed poll several years later. His exploits in business and the charitable works of his James Caan Foundation earned him a CBE in 2015, and he was chosen to head the commission for social mobility by the government.

He began his business career selling goods in Brick Lane before later moving on to start a recruitment agency. He married his wife in 1983 at the age of 21 at Regent's Park mosque and the couple have two daughters together. Soon after the couple first met he offered to finance her boutique business even though he had no money, just so he could stay in contact with her. He had to take out a loan and use three credit cards to raise the £30,000 capital for the investment. 

When a relationship ends and the separation requires the division of significant assets, a spouse may find it beneficial to seek legal advice from an experienced family law solicitor. The valuation and division of extensive business interests is a complex process, and a solicitor who has assisted other clients through similar situations may thus provide valuable guidance.