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Sheik dies before making £75 million divorce payment

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Residents in the Greater Manchester area who had been following the divorce battle between the former super model and her billionaire sheik ex-husband may be interested in the latest development after the ex-husband died before handing over the agreed settlement payment. The Saudi had been receiving medical care for terminal cancer in Zurich and passed away a few days before he was legally bound to make the divorce payment to his former spouse.

The billionaire had divorced her under Sharia law without her knowledge in 2014, and she has been battling to secure a divorce settlement in the Family Division of High Court in London for over three years. Their marriage had broken down in 2012 after her ex-husband had taken a young Lebanese model as his second wife. The High Court had ruled that his ex-wife should receive a needs-based divorce payment of £75 million, but the sheik died a week before the due date of the settlement.

He was the heir to a major Saudi Arabian company, but before his death, he passed all his assets on to his three daughters. His assets were located in Saudi Arabia and due to the difficulties of claiming the settlement award from his trust in that country, his former wife may be forced to take her own 13-year-old daughter to court in order to receive the settlement that she was awarded by the High Court in London.

The settlement handed down by the court was not the usual division of marital assets, but a needs-based settlement calculated to enable her to maintain the lifestyle she had enjoyed as a supermodel and the wife of a billionaire. A solicitor with a track record of successfully representing clients through divorces that involve high value assets may be able to offer legal strategies that best meet a client's expectations.