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More marriages surviving beyond 5 years

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Research by the Marriage Foundation has shown that the divorce rates within the first five years of a marriage have fallen since the 1980's. Greater Manchester residents may appreciate that, according to the organisation, the decline in the figures is largely attributable to the changing attitudes of men entering into a marriage. These changes have resulted in husbands being more committed to the relationship, leading to fewer wives filing for divorce.

According to researchers, the high divorce rates 30 years ago may be a result of the increasing expectations of equality by women. They were searching for a fairer partnershipin the home and no longer content to be the homemaker. As men have changed their attitudes to relationships and come to accept more domestic responsibilities, the increased satisfaction levels may have contributed to the falling divorce rates. 

According to Office for National Statistics figures for marriages lasting less than five years, the rate of wives filing for divorce within the fist five years of marriage has fallen from 7.9 per cent to 4.2 per cent between marriages that started in 1986 and those starting in 2008. The Marriage Foundation believes this trend is also a result of men being more dedicated to the relationship. In the past they may have felt obligated by social opinions to enter into a marriage, while today, they are choosing to marry out of a genuine commitment to a long-term relationship.

Social changes may include a better work-life balance and a trend for women to marry latter in life. However, when relationships do irretrievably fall apart, a family law solicitor might assist a client through an amicable separation involving negotiation or mediation and offer guidance through the divorce process. Where the proceedings require representation in court, the solicitor may often provide legal support and a realistic assessment of the final outcome.