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Colin Montgomerie's second divorce may cost him £5 million

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The golfer and television commentator Colin Montgomerie is facing a £5 million divorce settlement payout after his wife accused him of cheating on her with a number of women during their eight-year marriage. Golf enthusiasts in the Greater Manchester area may remember that the sportsman was a Ryder Cup captain, but more recently he has been in the media after news that he started divorce proceedings against his second wife.

The 52-year-old golfer's previous marriage ended in 2004 after his first wife is thought to have demanded that he put their relationship before his career. He married his present wife in 2008 and until recently they lived in a house valued at £2.5 million in Perthshire. She has four children of her own from her first marriage and in 2003 received an inheritance of £20 million when her former husband passed away. She is now thought to be seeking the family home and £5 million as part of the divorce settlement.

She has started proceedings of her own amid allegations that Montgomerie has had a number of affairs during their time together. He previously admitted having a relationship with an old girlfriend but is now facing allegations that he has had other affairs. The golfer refused to comment on his reasons for filing for divorce but said that there was no other woman involved in the decision. 

The adulterous behaviour of a spouse is one of the valid grounds for filing for a divorce, and a court will grant a decree nisi in the event that it does not have a legal objection to the divorce taking place. A solicitor who is well versed in the application of family law may be able to offer invaluable guidance when negotiating the settlement of a divorce dispute.