Private Landlord Matters

Wigan Buy-to-Let Lawyers 

Whether you have just purchased your first buy-to-let property or already have an established portfolio of properties, at Alker Ball Healds we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the letting process.


We have advised residential landlord clients for many years and have built up a great deal of experience. At Alker Ball Healds we can advise you on the following matters:

  • Preparation of the Tenancy Agreement, 
  • Dealing with the deposit, 
  • How to deal with problem tenants 
  • Recovering possession of your property. 

We have experience of all kinds of problems that landlords face. We have helped landlords with:

  • Collecting unpaid rent 
  • Evicting tenants 
  • Claims for property damage 
  • Claims for damage caused to neighbouring properties, 
  • Claims by tenants for compensation due to mal-administration of deposit 
  • Claims by tenants for poor living conditions and unlawful evictions 

Before the Tenancy Starts

Alker Ball Healds can advise you on your legal responsibilities as a landlord in relation to the condition of your property and the safety certificates you must have before letting it out.

If you have a mortgage we can advise if you need to obtain your mortgagees permission to let the property.

We can advise you how you should vet your prospective tenants and the different sorts of references to ask for.

Tenancy Agreement

We can prepare a tenancy agreement for you or we can review any existing agreement you might have, to make sure it sets out clearly your own and your tenant’s obligations and responsibilities. Some of your responsibilities as a landlord fall outside of the tenancy agreement as these are imposed by Act of Parliament, we will advise you of those responsibilities 

Tenancy Deposit

If you choose to take a deposit from a tenant, we will advise how you should protect the deposit to comply with your legal obligations and what information you must send to the tenant about the deposit. Failure to deal with this properly could result in you not being able to recover possession of your property.

Getting the Tenant to Leave the Property

We can advise you on the options available to you both during the tenancy and once it has ended, to ensure that the tenant vacates. The action we take will depend on the circumstances of your case. We can deal with everything from sending the required notice to the tenant terminating their tenancy, through to conducting a possession claim at the court. If necessary we will attend the eviction with the bailiff and arrange a locksmith to change the locks following eviction. We will take the stress out of a repossession case for you.

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