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Court finds woman not guilty of assaulting husband

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On behalf of Alker Ball Healds Solicitors posted in Domestic Violence on Friday, May 27, 2016. 

The divorce battle between a wealthy businessman and his wife escalated after he accused her of assaulting him in his home. People in the Manchester area who have experienced an acrimonious divorce may understand the emotion and tensions that could lead to such a situation. The court heard testimony from both parties regarding the events on the day of the alleged assault, but with no independent witnesses, the charge of assault was dismissed. 

The man's wife, aged 47, said that in December 2015 she had visited her husband at his home in order to talk about their divorce. She said that she was on her knees pleading with him when he leaned over her and began shouting and taunting her with his wealth. She told the court that he was a bully and in response to his behaviour she pushed him in the chest, knocking him over and that his injuries were a result of the fall.

Her husband, aged 77, owns the Falmouth Hotel as well as a number of other properties and has been valued at around £40 million. His account of the events of the evening differ, and he told the court that she was the one who began shouting, telling him that she was penniless and accusing him of being unfaithful. She then announced that she was going to kill him and began hitting him around the head. The court was unable to decide who was telling the truth and therefore acquitted her of the charge.

While negotiations may not always be possible if divorce proceedings turn acrimonious, a solicitor may be able to offer assistance to a divorcing spouse. This may include an impartial assessment of a client's goals and guidance regarding the likely ruling a court will hand down concerning the financial arrangements.