What Happens to Your Disabled Loved One When You Can No Longer Cope?

Victims of negligence are often cared for with enormous devotion by their loved ones, but such arrangements cannot continue forever and the costs of professional care are so high that it is vital to take legal advice with an eye to the future.

In one case that proves the point, a young man who has been left facing more than 40 years of disability because of catastrophic injuries sustained in a road accident has won a compensation package that is expected to yield more than £10 million during his lifetime.

For some time after he was run down by a car whilst crossing the road, the man had been in a minimally conscious state. His recovery from the severe brain damage he suffered has been in many ways remarkable, but he has lost the use of both his legs and will never be able to live independently or work. Aged in his early 20s at the time of the accident, he is expected to live into his 70s and will require 24-hour care throughout.

Following extensive negotiations, the driver's insurers agreed to settle his claim on the basis of 90 per cent liability. He will receive a £2.95 million lump sum, plus index-linked and tax-free annual payments to cover the costs of his care for the rest of his life. Those payments will start at £180,000 per annum before rising in line with his care needs. The High Court approved the settlement.

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