Supermarket Fall Leads to £3,000 in Compensation

Slipping and tripping accidents can cause much pain and inconvenience and, if they are caused by negligence, it is only right that victims should be compensated.

In a recent case, a 63-year-old local councillor who fell over whilst shopping in a supermarket has succeeded in his claim for damages against the retailer.

The owners of the supermarket chain admitted liability for the accident, in which the man suffered a serious soft tissue injury to his right ankle. His foot was so swollen that he could not put on his shoe and he was effectively housebound for two weeks. Unable to put weight on the ankle for about a month, he could not walk his dog and many ordinary household tasks were beyond him. He was also unable to attend to his duties as a councillor for a period of about two weeks after the accident.

In awarding him £3,000 in compensation against the supermarket chain, a judge found that that sum properly reflected the pain, suffering and loss of amenity that he had endured and the degree of care and assistance given to him by his partner during his recovery. The chain was also ordered to pay his legal costs.

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