Personality Change Road Accident Victim Secures £860,000

Road accidents can have grave consequences that last a lifetime, and it is only right that, where they are caused by negligence, full compensation is paid. In one case, a man who suffered a dramatic change in his personality after he was knocked down on a pelican crossing secured six-figure damages.

Following the accident, in which he sustained head injuries, the man began to suffer memory problems and bouts of rage that had not afflicted him previously. His wife reported that he was prone to rigidity of thinking and that his decision-making ability had sharply declined, but that he had little insight into his condition.

A claim was brought on his behalf against an NHS trust which employed the driver of the vehicle that struck him. The trust disputed the severity of his brain injuries but, following negotiations, agreed to settle his claim for £860,000. In approving the compromise, the High Court expressed admiration for all that the man's wife had done in caring for him since the accident.

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