Oven Chip Injury Damages of £2,200

A woman who lost a filling when she bit into an oven chip has won compensation from the manufacturer of the product.

Susan Stapylton, 60, was eating Aunt Bessie’s oven chips. She bit into something solid and dislodged a filling in one of her wisdom teeth. At the time, she was waiting for an operation for the removal of nasal polyps, which prevented her from breathing through her nose properly. The injury to her mouth caused her to have a constant cough, which interfered with her sleep and exacerbated her asthma.

Because of her breathing problems, Mrs Stapylton was unable to have a replacement filling until after her surgery. She had to make do with a series of temporary fillings, which kept falling out and, on one occasion, meant that she had to cut short a holiday in order to seek dental treatment.

Aunt Bessie’s potato products are made by Heinz. The company said that the solid object responsible for the incident was a lump of batter and offered Mrs Stapylton a £5 voucher in compensation. She decided to pursue a personal injury claim, however, and secured a settlement of £2,200. A spokesman for Heinz said, “This was an isolated complaint and the safety and quality of our products remains of paramount importance to us.”

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