Householder Wins £26,000 Compensation for Garage Explosion

Faulty workmanship can have serious consequences but, if the worst happens, expert legal support will ensure that you are fully compensated. In one striking case, a man whose garage exploded due to a car mechanic's negligence was awarded more than £26,000 in damages.

The mechanic had carried out work on the man's car to expand the capacity of its liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tank. A valve had been adjusted so that a safety feature that prevented the tank from being over-filled was bypassed. The car was filled up on a chilly day and, once it was parked inside the heated garage, the LPG expanded and leaked through a pressure valve.

An electrical spark ignited the gas and the man awoke in the early hours to find that the doors of his garage had been blown off. The explosion was of sufficient force to send masonry flying and the garage's contents, including two cars, were destroyed. In finding the specialist mechanic fully liable for what happened, a judge ruled that his work on the car had fallen below an acceptable standard. He was ordered to pay compensation, interest and legal costs.

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