Factory Worker Wins Compensation for Finger Injury

A Yorkshire factory worker who suffered a deep cut to his ring finger in a workplace accident has been awarded £16,000 in compensation.

Kenneth Powell had just finished using an Altendorf saw to cut blocks of paper when the accident happened. He was experienced in the use of the equipment and waited until he had switched off the power supply before clearing dust from the surface of the machine. However, the blade was still turning and sliced into his finger.

Mr Powell was taken to hospital where doctors found that he had suffered damage to a tendon. He had to take two weeks off work, but three years later he still suffers numbness in his hand, especially in cold weather.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation into the incident revealed that Mr Powell's employer had failed to install a safety guard around the rotating blade of the saw. Had this basic health and safety step been taken, the accident could have been prevented.

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