Damages for Man Who Choked on Rubber Crisp Mould

A man who choked on a piece of rubber in a packet of crisps he was eating has agreed a settlement of £3,500 in compensation from the manufacturer.

Peter Collins, 53, was eating a packet of Walkers crisps when he choked on a piece of rubber mould, which was inside the packet and was the same size, shape and colour as the crisps he was eating.

He was saved from choking by his son, who dislodged the piece of rubber by squeezing his father’s chest and slapping him on the back.

Mr Collins’s GP informed him that chemicals from the rubber mould, used in crisp production, had seeped into his stomach. He was admitted to hospital, where he underwent a series of tests. For three months, he had to take medication to combat nausea and loss of appetite. He lost weight over this period and found it difficult to begin eating normally again.

Mr Collins brought a claim for damages against Walkers. The company admitted liability and agreed to pay him damages of £3,500.

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