Air Stewardess Injured By Pilot's Negligence Achieves £3,000 in Compensation

If you suffer an avoidable injury at work due to a colleague's negligence, you should take professional advice right away with a view to obtaining just compensation. In a case on point, an air stewardess who suffered back injuries when a plane jolted onto the runway achieved £3,000 in damages.

The woman already suffered from a bad back and her condition was worsened after the Airbus landed very firmly, exposing her to a g-force of almost 1.9. Although the incident did not formally qualify as a 'hard landing', it was serious enough to trigger an investigation. The pilot apologised to passengers over the PA system and enquiries were made of cabin crew as to their wellbeing.

After the woman launched proceedings, a judge found that the very experienced pilot's approach to the runway was immaculate. However, his failure to appreciate the presence of tailwinds below 1,000 feet had resulted in a momentary misjudgment. His execution of the landing had, in the circumstances, fallen below the standard to be expected of a reasonably competent pilot. The amount of damages payable to the woman by the airline she worked for was agreed.

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