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£150,000 child maintenance demand refused by judge

  • Posted

The judge hearing a case in London's High Court has rejected the claim from the former spouse of a millionaire businessman for £150,000 in child maintenance. Parents in the Greater Manchester area may be aware that child maintenance is intended to...

Divorce row puts million-pound estate in jeopardy

  • Posted

Manchester couples undergoing separations may be interested in a divorce case that observers say is one of the most protracted in the nation's history. According to reports, an airline pilot who is currently married to his fourth wife is embroiled in a...

High Court battle over £116 million fortune

  • Posted

The multi-million pound divorce battle between the founder of the online grocery company Ocado and his wife has commenced. Following the decision of the judge in the proceedings, the details of the hearing will not be revealed to the public until after a...

Divorce battle of Russia's richest man

  • Posted

The former wife of the Russian billionaire, Vladimir Potanin, has said that she may bring her divorce battle to London if the Russian Supreme Court rejects her appeal of a court ruling there. Greater Manchester residents may be interested to know that Forbes...

Settlement claim lodged long after the divorce

  • Posted

Homeowners in the Greater Manchester area who are acquainted with green energy companies may be interested to learn that the founder of Ecotricity has been forced to pay a settlement of £300,000 to the woman he divorced more than two decades ago. He...

Saudi man in £238 million divorce battle

  • Posted

The Saudi billionaire who divorced his wife of sixteen years in Saudi Arabia by the Islamic procedure talaq is facing a divorce settlement claim worth nearly £240 million. Residents of the Greater Manchester area may be interested to hear that his...

Wife wants share of husband's sexual abuse compensation

  • Posted

A woman in England has petitioned for a share of the compensation that her soon-to-be ex-husband received for being sexually abused as a child. The 41-year-old woman wants the sexual abuse compensation to be considered a marital asset and divided as part of...

Former wife can keep £3.5 million settlement

  • Posted

Greater Manchester residents may be interested in a case that was recently heard by the Appeal Court in London. The court ruled that the former wife of a wealthy property mogul can keep her £3.5 million settlement from her divorce even though she has...

£70 million settlement for ex-wife of retail millionaire

  • Posted

The co-founder of an international retailer has been ordered to pay his ex-spouse one-third of his fortune in his divorce settlement. The wealthy businessman separated from his wife in 2013 and later moved in with his former personal assistant. He has since...

Court finds woman not guilty of assaulting husband

  • Posted

On behalf of Alker Ball Healds Solicitors posted in  Domestic Violence  on Friday, May 27, 2016.  The divorce battle between a wealthy businessman and his wife escalated after he accused her of assaulting him in his home. People...

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