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Divorce battle of Russia's richest man

The former wife of the Russian billionaire, Vladimir Potanin, has said that she may bring her divorce battle to London if the Russian Supreme Court rejects her appeal of a court ruling there. Greater Manchester residents may be interested to know that Forbes has declared him to be Russia's richest man and that he is estimated to be worth £10 billion. The couple were married for 30 years and he has offered a divorce settlement worth £32 million.

London has been the location of a number of high profile divorce battles as a result of the legal principle in U.K family law that the homemaker is the equal partner to the income earner in a marriage. The former wife of the Russian mining tycoon said that laws protecting women in Russia were at times ineffective. She claimed that when he first announced his decision to divorce her, he said she could have private health care and maintenance payments for their son. She is now battling for a settlement of £5 billion.

Settlement claim lodged long after the divorce

Homeowners in the Greater Manchester area who are acquainted with green energy companies may be interested to learn that the founder of Ecotricity has been forced to pay a settlement of £300,000 to the woman he divorced more than two decades ago. He had objected to the case being brought to the courts on the grounds that too much time had passed for her to make any claims for financial remedy, but his appeal was rejected.

The entrepreneur businessman met his former wife when they were students and the couple married in 1981. They lived an unorthodox lifestyle as New Age travelers until they separated a few years later and divorced in 1992. He said that allowing his ex-wife to make a claim based on a short relationship so long ago could set a precedent to many other divorced couples in a similar situation. The green energy company that he launched a few years after his divorce is now estimated to be worth over £100 million.

Saudi man in £238 million divorce battle

The Saudi billionaire who divorced his wife of sixteen years in Saudi Arabia by the Islamic procedure talaq is facing a divorce settlement claim worth nearly £240 million. Residents of the Greater Manchester area may be interested to hear that his former wife has said she requires this amount for the needs portion of her divorce settlement and she has yet to submit her full claim. Although lawyers for the man are already describing her demands as excessive, the judge hearing the case said that the decision on a needs claim was for the court to make.

Court documents show that the 54-year-old former Pirelli model is claiming her needs include almost £75 million for houses in England, £495,000 for cars, more than £1 million for art and an annual maintenance payment of over £6 million. Her lifestyle costs include the price of travelling by private jet between London and her California property which is worth an estimated £14 million. The settlement that she has been offered is far more modest and totals approximately £32 million.

Former wife can keep £3.5 million settlement

Greater Manchester residents may be interested in a case that was recently heard by the Appeal Court in London. The court ruled that the former wife of a wealthy property mogul can keep her £3.5 million settlement from her divorce even though she has been living with a new partner.

Reportedly, the husband argued that she should not receive the settlement amount because she could rely on her partner for financial support. He also said that his former wife had lived with her partner for more than a decade, that they had a joint bank account and owned a home together, clearly showing they were living as man and wife.

£70 million settlement for ex-wife of retail millionaire

The co-founder of an international retailer has been ordered to pay his ex-spouse one-third of his fortune in his divorce settlement. The wealthy businessman separated from his wife in 2013 and later moved in with his former personal assistant. He has since been in a legal battle with his ex-wife over the financial settlement following their divorce. Shoppers in the Greater Manchester area may know of the Internet fashion retailer Asos, the company that the millionaire co-founded in 2000. The company announced that he was selling 1.3 million of his shares worth in the region of £46 million at the current price.

The retail tycoon started the business with a friend in 2000 and saw his company float on the stock exchange in 2001. Asos, which stands for As Seen On Screen, expanded from a U.K.-based operation to a global company under his leadership, and he remains a non-executive director of the organisation. His net worth has been valued at £220 million and includes shares in the company as well as a property portfolio.

Court finds woman not guilty of assaulting husband

The divorce battle between a wealthy businessman and his wife escalated after he accused her of assaulting him in his home. People in the Manchester area who have experienced an acrimonious divorce may understand the emotion and tensions that could lead to such a situation. The court heard testimony from both parties regarding the events on the day of the alleged assault, but with no independent witnesses, the charge of assault was dismissed.

The man's wife, aged 47, said that in December 2015 she had visited her husband at his home in order to talk about their divorce. She said that she was on her knees pleading with him when he leaned over her and began shouting and taunting her with his wealth. She told the court that he was a bully and in response to his behaviour she pushed him in the chest, knocking him over and that his injuries were a result of the fall.

Insecure retirement for over-50s divorcing couples

Research has shown that the majority of couples who divorced when they were over 50 years of age are financially worse off and may still not be secure when they retire. The information contained in the survey conducted by Nationwide Mortgages may be of interest to older couples in the Greater Manchester area who are considering a separation. It showed that 58 per cent of those questioned said that they were worse off, with only 18 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women saying that they were in a better financial situation after the divorce.

More than half of the couples were married for 20 years or more at the time of their divorce, and Nationwide Building Society said that it was important for people to take advice even before starting the divorce process. More than a quarter of the couples sold the marital home in their divorce and 6 per cent ended up splitting family heirlooms. Another 10 per cent shared the proceeds from selling a car and over 20 per cent said that they had divided up the furniture.

Tweets shine spotlight on domestic abuse

The statistics for domestic abuse in the U.K. are damning. Women in the Greater Manchester area may be aware that two women are killed every week as a result of abuse by a partner and that it impacts 25 per cent of women during their lifetime. Domestic abuse is not limited to causing physical harm to a partner but can present itself in other ways, and although in most instances the abusers are male, it should be noted that women can also be perpetrators of domestic abuse and men can also be the victims.

When she was speaking about the various forms of domestic abuse, the chief executive of Women's Aid described it as a form of power and control over a victim. Abusive relationships are not limited to physical intimidation or injury but can also be verbal, forcing domination using emotional or psychological oppression, and it can also take the form of sexual or financial coercion. These types of behaviours can be precursors to a pattern of physical attacks that may emerge over time.

Wife to divorce Ryan Giggs

The wife of the former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs has been reported to be divorcing her husband after accusations that he has been flirting with female staff at the restaurant he owns in the Greater Manchester area. The footballer has been involved in a number of highly publicised affairs in the past and is faced with losing a significant part of his fortune in a divorce settlement. Even though the couple have been separated for several months, they are still currently both living in their property in Worsley.

Giggs was given the role of assistant manager of Manchester United in May 2014 and was acting as the interim manager for the club before that. His salary at the club is in the region of £3 million per year and in addition to the family home, which is valued at £6 million, and the George's restaurant that he owns, he is also a director in over a dozen companies bringing his net worth to an estimated £40 million. The divorce settlement could be one of largest payouts for a sportsman ever in British history.

Colin Montgomerie's second divorce may cost him £5 million

The golfer and television commentator Colin Montgomerie is facing a £5 million divorce settlement payout after his wife accused him of cheating on her with a number of women during their eight-year marriage. Golf enthusiasts in the Greater Manchester area may remember that the sportsman was a Ryder Cup captain, but more recently he has been in the media after news that he started divorce proceedings against his second wife.

The 52-year-old golfer's previous marriage ended in 2004 after his first wife is thought to have demanded that he put their relationship before his career. He married his present wife in 2008 and until recently they lived in a house valued at £2.5 million in Perthshire. She has four children of her own from her first marriage and in 2003 received an inheritance of £20 million when her former husband passed away. She is now thought to be seeking the family home and £5 million as part of the divorce settlement.